Team Mustang Girls are back from Rally North America and Mustang Week and are happy to introduce you to Audrea Glasser and her Torch Red 2004 GT.
Audrea spent her childhood watching Barrett Jackson auctions and races with her grandfather. He was one of the main reasons she fell in love with Mustangs and now jokes with his buddies about “raising a speed demon of a granddaughter.” Audrea’s first car was a red ’98 V6 with black stripes. The day she got it they joked about the stripes making it faster. After just two months with the car she was dreaming of a V8 which led the way to her 2004 GT. Birthday presents quickly turned into gas cards and a radar detector as Audrea spent her days cruising with friends. She even earned a few nicknames based on her tendency to speed!

Audrea considers herself blessed to have family and friends that share her passion of cars, And it happy to be driving something that puts a smile on her face every time she starts it up. Country music and the sound of my Stang instantly put her in a better mood. Her theme song? Hank Williams Jr. song “Go Girl Go” about a girl in a Mustang. She’s been taking his advice ever since she heard it!Each week  Team Mustang Girls features a different woman and her Mustang. Check out the past featured ladies from Mustang Girl Monday and submit your own Mustang story by messaging the Team Mustang Girls Facebook page.