Mustang CustomizerFew automakers have invested as much time and money into Internet ads and social media as Ford, with efforts like the Mustang Customizer giving enthusiasts from across the world a chance to build their dream muscle car. As cool as the old Mustang Customizer that launched in 2009 was, with its wide variety of parts and customization bits, an all-new Mustang Customizer is in the works that will blow it away.

“When we launched the Mustang Customizer in 2009, it was massively popular,” said Andrea Zuehlk, Digital Marketing Manager. “With more than 5.4 million custom Mustangs built and more than 1.6 million app downloads since 2012, we knew we had to deliver a redesigned experience to complement the redesigned 2015 Mustang. Ford is the only company to offer a unique app like Mustang Customizer and our fans just can’t get enough of it.”

The new Mustang Customizer app adds 3D renderings, the ability to share and save your customized Mustang in a virtual warehouse or put it in a variety of exotic locales, from LA to Paris. The customizer apps for Android and iPhone users that let you put your unique pony car in your pocket, as we all know just how important mobile traffic has become to automakers and websites alike.

By adding the Mustang Customizer to users phones, Ford can also access data that allows them to show enthusiasts where the nearest Ford dealership is with a Mustang similar to the one built by the user. Color, engine options, and trim play the deciding factor, as dealerships can add on many of the extra bits, like quarter-window louvers or a front spoiler.

Yet the best additions for the Mustang Customizer app are yet to come. Ford is working with Google to allow customized Mustangs to be placed anywhere in the world using the Google Streetview, and a new video-creation app allows users to see their virtual creations in motion.

For those of us not quite able to buy our dream Mustang yet, playing with the Mustang Customizer is the next best thing.