On Wednesday Team Mustang Girls woke up in Asheville, NC for the final leg of the Pony Drive to Charlotte for the 50th Anniversary. The weather was cold and the battery called it quits for good. After getting a jump the girls stopped at at the local parts house for a new one and then they were rolling again. The sun finally began to shine and the girls, car included, finally thawed out!

The ride to Charlotte drew even more cars than the day before. It was like a wonderland of Mustangs everywhere you looked!

The girls headed right to registration and then to the hotel to unload everything in the car to prepare for the track tech inspection. And it only took 3 luggage carts, Team Mustang Girls packs very lightly! And the hotel will get the cart back on Friday!

At the tech inspection the girls got a great view of the track and a ton of Mustangs. And more importantly they passed the inspection! Hell yeah! Track day tomorrow! Cross your fingers and say a prayer!

Team Mustang Girls would like to thank Kicker, Speed Direct, Roadtrippers, Steeroids,Impact Image Group, Scott Drake, JBA Performance, National Parts Depot, Optima Battery,Old Air Products, Ididit, Classic Instruments, Mustang Club of America and StangTV for helping make their Pony Drive.