Moroso has been focusing more of their attention on late model performance more than ever. A few months ago, we brought you our install of Moroso’s coolant expansion tank/reservoir for the 2015 Mustang. That particular part cleans up the look under the hood of any 2015 Mustang considerably. Since that install, Moroso has also released several other products for the latest Ford pony car.

Those products include a new air/oil separator for the Mustang GT, part number 85522 for the large body, 85680, and 85681, for the small body separators. Any of these can be installed with relative ease in well under an hour by an enthusiast with some basic hand tools. These systems use a proprietary mesh to remove oil, vapors, and other debris from the crankcase ventilation system.

While the factory system is supposed to trap all of those particles, it has been well documented on the Coyote engines that a great deal of oil vapor gets past the factory system. This becomes even more critical on supercharged cars.

Adding to the dress up items now available for the ’15 Mustang, Moroso has also recently released their new fuse box cover and brake fluid reservoir cover part number 74256, for the ’15 Mustang and their fuse box panel cover part number 74255. Both of these are easily applied with the supplied velcro and give the engine compartment a much needed appearance boost.

All of these parts are available now from Moroso, and they have videos to show how easily each is installed. Whether you’re looking to better protect your engine, or you just want to dress things up more under the hood, these parts from Moroso will help you do just that.