MMR's New Coyote based Twin Turbo engine

Modular Mustang Racing located in Camarillo, California has been a staple in the racing community for its proven performance on the track with late model Ford powerplants and the 5.4L and 4.6L 3V Modular in particular, and boasts a number of wins with in-house and customer vehicles from Pro Street to Drag Radial. With all of the hype surrounding the Coyote 5.0L engines, the guys at MMR have made it a point to create another sick project to set records on the dyno and on the track, and from the looks of things the new engine has found its way into their Outlaw 10.5 Mustang and should be hitting the track very soon.

Check out more on MMR at their website.

MMR started with a production 2011-2012 Coyote 5.0L engine block for their latest project which is based around a twin turbo power adder combination. While they have been reluctant to unveil details on this engine, they have made it known that it’s already proven its capabilities on the dyno. The crew at MMR were quick to admit though that the engine easily produced 1,800 horsepower on the dyno with its twin 80mm turbochargers. That being said, their goals are set high for this new combination as their 2010 GT500 has already been in the six-second range at over 200 mph in PSCA competition.

Do you feel that the Coyote based engines will be competitive with the big cubic inch turbo engines that have become the common cure for going fast? Mid six-second passes at 220 plus mph may seem extreme but that’s what will be on tap for the guys at MMR and their 2010 GT500 in Grabber Blue. Look for them to be competing in the PSCA as soon as next month with this awesome new setup.