We love customized Stangs around here and we have a soft spot for the Mustangs that look good and can lay it down at the track too. Modern Muscle has a car that is sporting a gob of parts from Lakewood and Mr. Gasket inside. The car is a 2011 Mustang GT with a 6-speed transmission. The baseline dyno runs for the car showed it out down 370 whp. The baseline quarter mile runs saw a 13.01 @ 109.5 mph. after the baselines the car started with its upgrades.

Simply adding a set of Lakewood Lower Control Arms and Control Arm Relocation Brackets got the car down to a 12.912 @ 109.66 mph. The gain in time was thanks to a 60-foot that dropped from 2.044 stock to 1.906. That is where the car sits right now ET wise. It has also had a set of Lakewood sub frame connectors added as well. Those runs were with everything else box stock, down to the tires.

Modern Muscle has a ton of parts that you can get for your own car, including the same Lakewood parts the shop car is now using. There are plenty of parts offered to take your car to a completely different level than the shop car including a Watts Link and lots more. It’s interesting to note that Mr. Gasket also makes some under hood dress up parts for the Mustang like a fuse box cover, cap covers, and the company makes door sill plates as well.