A 54-year-old man from St. Louis County, MO, probably couldn’t believe his good fortune last weekend when he scratched the Instant Win portion of his Missouri Lottery American Muscle Scratchers Game ticket. One of seven Muscle Cars being offered would now be his.

However, Mr. William Adams of Ballwin, MO, might just have a problem. No, it wouldn’t be the taxes that would be due on his winnings, for the Lottery includes some cash to look after that as well. The problem was likely to be garage space. You see, Mr. Adams already owns two Mustangs.

Scratch card winners are able to choose from a number of contemporary American muscle cars, including the Ford Mustang GT Coupe, Chevrolet Camaro 2SS Coupe, the Dodge Challenger R/T HEMI or a Dodge Charger R/T HEMI.

A brand new GT might well make a nice addition to his collection, which includes a 1969 Mustang MACH I and a 1986 Mustang GT. Then, there’s the garage space. Well, that and the fact that Adams had to replace a family vehicle that was damaged in a tornado this year. Adams chose to take the cash equivalent of his winnings, which are estimated at $57,000.

The Missouri Lottery American Muscle Scratchers Game runs until August 23. Two grand prizes have been claimed by instant win and two have been given away on second chance draws. The final draw takes place on September 1, 2011. Two muscle cars remain to be won by scratching the tickets.