Grabber Blue is back for 2017.

Already in its third year, the S550 Mustang in all five of its forms is a big hit. Those include the base V6 car, the EcoBoost 2.3-liter turbo inline-four, and the GT with its Coyote 5.0-liter V8. There are now also two Shelby models; the GT350 and GT350R that we recently drove and reviewed.

Now the 2017s are showing up at dealership lots around the country with a few minor changes, like the addition of new colors and package tweaks. No longer a part of the ’17s were the much anticipated hood mounted turn-signals that made their debut on the ’16 GT.

The new colors include the return of Grabber Blue, as well as two new shades; including Lightning Blue and Ruby Red Metallic for the ’17 Shelby Mustangs. As is often the case, when new colors arrive others depart. Competition Orange, Kona Blue, Guard Metallic (dark green), and Deep Impact Blue have been removed as exterior color options for the 2017 model year.


A new wheel design has also been added including a new black wheel for the black accent package. Tire choices and availability have been switched around too. The Premier Trim and Accent Group for the interior gets a new color combination of red and black.

Deleted are the aforementioned hood-mounted turn-signals that Ford made such a big deal about last year. They were the return of the long loved and awaited turn-signal indicators like those found on some ’67-’68 models.

The turn-signal hood is a one-year-only deal on 2016s. Whether you can see them or not from the driver seat, we’re still going to miss this cool retro feature.

The turn-signal hood was certainly a unique vintage-oriented touch. And in some ways, we wonder why it was dropped. But word on the street is that the signal-indicator lights weren’t really of much use, because it has been reported that they are difficult or impossible for the driver to see depending on his or her height.

Apparently, the design of the hood and the car’s seating position precluded drivers less than six-feet tall from seeing them at all. While we shed a small proverbial tear because of our love for vintage Mustangs (having owned more than a dozen from that revered ’65-’70 era), anyone who’s driven a ’16 GT won’t much miss them, because they probably haven’t really seen them while driving.


Besides that, mechanical changes for the ’17s are essentially nil. Engines, transmissions and specifications roll over unchanged from 2016. Big news in the way of 2017 specialty models is also not being reported at the moment.

Word is the 2018 Mustang is expected to receive some sort of a mid-cycle styling refresh which will likely include the usual front and rear fascia tweaks for the most part. A 10-speed automatic transmission that Ford co-developed with GM that is also supposed to appear in the 2017 Camaro ZL1 is expected to become available in the Mustang too.

Powertrain changes for the 2018 model aren’t entirely known if any. A Mach 1 has been rumored for some time and is all but expected now as is maybe another more powerful GT500. That would have to be a big one, since the last S197, ’13-’14 GT500s made 662 horsepower from their 5.8-liter, four-valve modular V8s.

For the 2017 Mustang (except Shelbys), the new colors include Lightning Blue and White Platinum Metallic Tri-Coat

Finally, we wonder about another specialty Mustang. Remember that bad-ass Highland Green, 390-powered ’68 fastback that Steve McQueen drove in the movie classic ‘Bullitt?’ We do! We also owned an ’01 Bullitt when they came out some 15 years ago. There was also an S197 Bullitt for 2008-09, conveniently (but not officially) produced for the movie’s 40th anniversary. While the color Guard (green) has been dropped for 2017, could it be brought back for the ’18s as Highland Green for a 2018 Bullitt for the movie’s 50th anniversary? We’ll leave the idea for all of us to ponder by saying we sure hope so!