It’s got the V6 with a supercharger. It’s got only got 37,000 miles on it. It’s got all the options with leather interior, and it’s got… Cadillac taillights? We’re introducing you to possibly the strangest Mustang project on the planet and probably the only car from 2007 with less than 40,000 miles on it that you couldn’t sell for $4,000. Not only that, but the builder has either a ton of money or a ton of time wrapped up into this extra-heavy, all steel, custom 2007 Mustang.

If it looks a little buggy up front, that’s because it has Lotus headlights. We’re not sure where the grille comes from, but it’s certainly not stock. She’s also got big tall fins and the taillights of a 1988 Cadillac. Under the fins and the taillight is a flat panel that’s black instead of red and it looks like it’s missing the bumper, but that’s just how it was built. This car truly has a face, a body, and butt that only a mother could love, but with only 37,000 miles and a supercharged V6, I guess you could say it has a great personality?

The interior looks nearly flawless and it’s got a super-low-mile, supercharged V6, so it’s safe to say it has a good personality. If you have an 2005-2010 Mustang with a good body but a blown motor and trashed interior, this could be a great buy for you if it hits the market again.

According to the original eBay listing here, all of the body modifications are steel, which says two things: A lot of time or money went into making these modifications, and this car is heavy! We also have to admit that, although the work done is not flattering by any means, it’s clear that whoever did the work is a skilled craftsman, it’s straight and smooth as can be front to back, and the headlights and taillights were expertly flushed to the custom body paneling. So, you might question the style, but the substance is solid.


Unfortunately, this beast was removed from eBay because, and we quote, “the item is no longer available.” So whether that means the car sold locally or the owner decided they just couldn’t let go, or couldn’t get rid of it. As much as we know you want to buy this car, it’s not on the market anymore. At least it would have been good for parts? At least drivetrain and interior parts anyway, but the body on this, although it’s been treated to many man hours of worth of work, and finding the right buyer for something this custom can be a challenge.

It’s been garage kept, so that’s a bonus. The hood opens in the opposite direction now, so it’s awkward to work on, but the engine looks pretty stock with the exception of the blower.

What do you think of this highly customized Mustang? Are you a fan of these sorts of custom builds? While they were big in the ’80s, and it’s cool to see an original build custom from 30 years ago sometimes, we’re definitely of the mindset that this is an invention of the past that should probably not make a comeback with the S197.

If you disagree and think this is a beautiful creation, please let us know and tell us why in the comments below. Keep in mind however, we have a full appreciation of the time and effort that went into building this and we tip our hats to the guy or gal that did all this work, we just have to ask wonder why?

Just imagine how embarrassed you’d be to take off at a stoplight and see the tail end of this monster pull away from you.