In the age of modern performance cars from Detroit, the days of tuning with jets and timing lights are long gone. The technological wonders that now roll off the assembly line feature powerful computers that monitor and influence every aspect of a car’s performance while providing a canvas for huge amounts of horsepower. SCT is on the cutting edge of calibrating the computers on modern muscle cars and offer some ways you can maximize the power output of your ride.

The magic that creates the computer-aided horsepower of cars today uses torque as its base. If you’re going to try increasing the horsepower and torque created by the engine with more timing and fuel, it’s critical to maintain all aspects of the car’s calibration to keep the torque calculations correct. If you don’t tune the car properly the throttle and spark levels you’re trying to command won’t happen.

Since calibrating the computer on one of these cars can be complex and intimidating, SCT offers solutions to make taming them easier while getting the most potential horsepower possible. Jill Hepp from SCT explains how they can help turn your modern muscle car from a stock cruiser to a heavyweight monster on the street.

“On most platforms, there is a lot left on the table from the factory calibration and our tuning devices have data-logging functionality that allows you to monitor a number of engine and transmission parameters. The tuners we offer allow for user-adjustable vehicle options such as cold air intakes, rear gear ratio, and tire size changes. A calibrator can get into thousands of parameters that live in the OEM computer. Torque management, variable camshafts, fueling, and ignition timing maps are just a few of these parameters.”

Check out all the tuning solutions SCT offers right here on their website so you can get the most out of your modern muscle car!