(Photo Credit: Bring A Trailer)

For more than 50 years now, many Mustangs have come and gone and each has held its own legacy status among enthusiasts. For the ’69-’70 Boss 302 models, Ford really hit a home-run when it needed to homologate a race car for the street for the SCCA Trans Am racing series.

Fortunately for us, the Boss 302 was more than just a Mustang with a modified engine under its hood. That 302-cube V8 was modified for more power which was applied by trick suspension and drivetrain upgrades to keep up with that high-performance pace.

Certainly, you don’t need us to fill in any additional blanks on the Boss 302, so we’ll let this prime example from Bring A Trailer do all of the talking.

According to the original listing, chassis number OFO2G109695 is located in Dallas, Texas, and the odometer reading shows just over 29,000 allegedly original miles. Up until 18 months ago, the car resided with its original owner, who claimed this Boss 302 Mustang wears nearly everything original, save for the paint on the hood, a rear quarter panels and some of the black striping, all of which were refinished due to rock chips.

And, according to the original build sheet, this Mustang was optioned with a Traction-Lok differential and a rear gears (as well as power steering.) Moreover, this Boss will include many of its original documents from the factory.

For more information on the low-mileage Boss shown, checkout the original BAT listing here and see it for yourself.