As we anxiously await to see the first 2018 Mustangs arrive at dealerships around the country this fall, we are starting to see a lot more pre-production model videos showcasing some of the optional performance packages that this next-gen pony car will offer.

The video above effectively captures two performance options that many potential owners have been waiting to get a closer look at. The first is the sound of the 2018 Mustang GT’s optional active valve performance exhaust. And, more importantly, what the optional exhaust will sound like when switching through its four modes.

Ford’s new active valve performance exhaust is available on the GT and GT Premium models and allows the user to select between quiet, normal, sport, and track modes. These settings are paired to specific Selectable Drive Modes, but they can also be customized by selecting the desired mode in the instrument cluster.

When sport or track modes are selected, the active valve performance exhaust provides the driver with a much more aggressive sound from the factory, enhancing the driving experience while staying true to Mustang DNA.


The valves in the exhaust are active and constantly moving based on the driver’s throttle inputs. A single inlet and two outlets provide enhanced airflow and tuning for performance when the valve is open or when tuning for comfort with the valve closed.

And then, of course, there is the highly publicized quiet mode, which allows 2018 Mustang owners the ability to not only tone down the sound of their Mustang’s exhaust, but also set what time during the day they want their new ponies to remain quiet.

Cluster Control

The video also offers a better look at the optional 12-inch LCD instrument cluster that is available on both the GT and EcoBoost Premium packages. This display allows drivers the freedom to choose the preferred instrument cluster setting.

Drivers can select from a variety of virtual gauges to monitor information such as engine oil temperature, boost, and cylinder head temperature. The digital display is tied into the selectable drive modes and will change depending upon what drive modes are selected.

Those 2018 Mustang owners who pony up for the optional package will also be able to use the MyMode memory function allowing customers to save their favorite drive settings, including suspension, steering, and traction control parameters.2018 Mustang

The video is one of the first we have seen that gives us a clear demonstration of how the 12-inch LCD display works in conjunction with the optional active valve performance exhaust system.

We like the fact that the new active exhaust gives Mustang GT owners the ability to choose whether or not to be a good neighbor with their new Mustang or unleash the full fury of this new stallion’s exhaust at the push of a button, what are your thoughts on the 2018 Mustang’s new options?