If you own a Bullitt Mustang, it is undoubtedly a cherished member of the family deserving of a place on your wall. To make that happen, you can give your Bullitt Mustang a self-portrait with Design Factory Art’s all-new, limited-edition Jim Gerdom art print, which is available for the classic movie car as well as the full line of Ford production cars, including the forthcoming version.

“The 2019 Mustang Bullitt is the subject of the latest limited edition print from automotive designer/artist Jim Gerdom,” the company explained. “The new Bullitt is printed on heavy archival paper in a limited edition of 2019 prints from Jim’s original hand-drawn artwork. Each print is personally signed and numbered by Jim.”


Also available are Jim’s previously released prints of the 2008 and 2001 Bullitts, as well as the 1968 movie car.

As an artist, Jim has produced thousands of art pieces for Ford and aftermarket companies for more than 40 years.

“As an offshoot of my design work about 20 years ago, I started creating artwork for limited-edition prints, shown in the ‘Art Prints & Posters’ page,” he said. “Along with the production and concept cars you’ll see some of my projects.”

Even if Bullitts aren’t your thing, Jim has a solution for you. He has created a white variety of art that celebrates all manner of automotive models.

All of the prints are 12×24 inches, and are priced at reasonable $40 each.

“If you have a special collector car: a classic, muscle car, vintage racer, street rod, or maybe you had one and it got away, I can create original artwork and prints for your office, home, or man-cave garage,” he said. “All of my work is done in the traditional ‘design sketch’ technique, in marker and pastels, by hand, without a computer.”

For more information on Jim’s offerings or the company, visit its website here or its Etsy store here for pricing.