We all know Ford is bringing the Bronco back; they’ve publicly stated this. We’re all hoping for a tough, body-on-frame, solid-axle Wrangler competitor like the Broncos of old. A Wrangler-competing Bronco is still in the cards and could very well happen by 2020, but some recently discovered images on an official Ford website indicate the Bronco could be a lot more disappointing than we hoped, or there could be more than one Bronco coming in the future.

These photos popped up on the internet with the claim they were found on a publicly accessible part of Ford’s website from a Las Vegas dealer meeting, although, we are unable to locate these images anywhere on any official Ford websites. Supposedly, Ford said it plans to deliver the Bronco and a smaller, unnamed off-road vehicle in 2020. Although it’s possible these pictures show the 2020 Bronco, it’s also possible that Ford is bringing a “baby” Bronco to market, almost like a Bronco II. This would give them a competitor for the Renegade and Cherokee, which are popular alternatives to the Wrangler, and help Ford completely dominate the off-road market.

Further pushing the two “baby Bronco” possibility is a little easter egg in the photos shown. Notice anything weird about the shadow on the wall behind the vehicle shown? The shadow is for a much larger and boxier vehicle. It’s possible the shadow is supposed to represent the original Bronco, but that shadow is far too large and far too long for an original Bronco, so could it possibly be the shadow of the real Bronco coming in 2020? Only time will tell.