When it comes time to modify your Mustang many people head to the local bookstore and pick up magazine or hit the forums looking for people in the know, or at least people you hope are in the know. The problem is that depending on what you want to do the recommendations in magazines or forums may or may not work for you and the last thing anyone wants to do is waste money on parts that don’t meet your needs. What you need is someone absolutely in the know and that someone is Kenny Brown. Brown has piloted Mustangs to wins in multiple forms of motorsports and knows what it takes to build a streetcar or a track-dominating beast.

KB 101 has launched with the goal of helping you plan what you want to do with your Mustang and to ensure that you meet those needs. In the KB101 world, this boils down to building a street car or a racecar. Anything other than track only car is a street car and then you go from there. The KB101 formula also goes over setting goals based on a budget, which we all know is very important. The foundation in the KB101 formula has three foundation sections: Chassis; suspension; wheels, tires, brakes.

Anyone that has tracked a car and done well will tell you more power isn’t always what you need. You have to have the supporting mods in place to handle the power the engine has or you are asking for trouble turning, stopping, and racing. Kenny Brown Performance has a very nice article on getting your own package built to meet your needs and budget. Check out the KB101 plan for yourself to get started on the road to your ultimate Mustang.