Kayla Morton had a dream season in 2017 when she was able to win two championships in the Redemption No Prep series behind the wheel of her “Hot Mess Express” Mustang. Due to rule changes, this was her last season driving her beloved Mustang, but not being one to sit back Morton and her team had plans for a new car in the pipeline. Morton and her boyfriend, Chris “BoostedGT” Hamilton, debuted their new Mustangs at Tulsa Raceway Park to kick off their 2018 seasons.

Many No Prep events now require Big Tire cars to have a steel roof and quarter panels to run in the class. Since the previous Hot Mess Express was a composite body it wouldn’t fit the rules, so Morton needed a new ride. She turned to long-time chassis builder Jason Lansdown from Lansdown Race Cars to create her a new Hot Mess Express Mustang.

“Jason has always done an outstanding job for us and he did everything on this car from the chassis to the paint. This particular build he started it in November and we picked it up Thursday before the race and took the car down the track Friday. He built an entire car in less than four months that went straight down Broadway every pass. We feel the car did well its first weekend out considering there was no time to test,” Morton says.

The heart of the new Hot Mess Express remains the same, a big block Ford that was built in-house at STK Specialties with a giant ProCharger hanging off the front. A Lenco drive still remains the transmission of choice for Morton in her Mustang. This combination propelled Morton to several round wins during the Mustang’s first outing, even as the team battled through some new car issues.

For 2018 Morton plans on defending her titles with the Redemption No Prep Series, running at the Redemption Big Tire exhibition at the Houston NHRA event this April, and being a part of the Dirty South No Prep Series as well. If the opportunity arises, Morton also wants to run the entire Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings second season too.

Considering the new Hot Mess Express was as green as it was, Morton was pleased with the first outing. “The new car bugs just ate our lunch at times with the unexpected issues that we had, but we worked our tails off to fix them at the track and kept making passes. I’m so happy how it performed overall and it made a statement it’s first time out for sure. We’re here to win and this new car can do it,” Morton says.

Hamilton also had his Mustang on the property at Tulsa for some testing after a two-year build. The car was having issues spooling its turbos, so the team made some adjustments to remedy the issue and see how it would do on the track. According to Morton, after completing its burnout the Mustang began making some odd noises so Hamilton wisely shut his machine down. Since those initial problems, repairs have been made to the Mustang and Hamilton will be testing it soon before racing this weekend.

One thing’s for sure, both Morton and Hamilton weren’t given their reputations as tough competitors, they earned them. After both cars are totally sorted out they will be a threat to win any event they enter this season. Make sure you check out the full video from Tomeighty that shows Hot Mess Express and BoostedGT’s new car in action at Tulsa Raceway Park during the Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings series finals!