The Mach 1 Mustang is easily one of the best-looking cars to come out of the muscle car era. Not only that, but it’s one of the most desirable muscle cars on the road today. There is just something about the iconic brand and legacy of the Mustang and the refined muscle that comes along with the Mach 1 body style and build. We love these cars. It makes it just a little bit cooler that this particular Mach 1 Mustang lives in Finland.

The black-and-blue color scheme wears well on this Mach 1.

YouTuber Jamboolio is a big fan of vintage American muscle and frequent poster of car show videos in Helsinki and elsewhere in Finland. He posted the video of this Mustang. While it’s cool to see one of these on the roads in the US, but it adds an extra level when one is spotted in another country.

It’s the little details, like the engine badging and American Racing wheels, that make this one stand out.

Think about how hard it is to find parts to restore and maintain a car like this here in the states, and now imagine that times 10 or more for how difficult it is to come by parts outside the country. There are no swap-meet or garage-sale finds over there. If you need something, you’re going to have to import it.

While this thing is definitely a beautiful car, and we could look at it all day, it sounds just as good. At the end of the video the Mach 1 starts up and leaves the parking lot. This beast has a healthy sounding 351 cubic-inch engine under its hood, and some nice exhaust to boot. We just love the look and sound of a clean, classic Mach 1 Mustang like this!