If you are a frequent reader, you are probably familiar with our buddy Kyler Greeson’s 2013 Shelby GT500. Kyler bought the car from Kenne Bell in California back in 2017 and drove it back home, stopping at Ponies In The Smokies along the way which is where we got our first look at the former Kenne Bell test car.

Since then, Kyler added a few touches of his own to the car, including a Watts link out back along with an air suspension setup. He most recently complete the long haul of the Power Tour, taking his Shelby from Bowling Green, Kentucky, all the way to Concord, North Carolina, thrashing and racing it the entire way. Kyler is definitely not afraid to mash the loud pedal on his gorgeous, red GT500.

In the video above, fellow Mustang owner and YouTube personality David Patterson, better know as “That Dude In Blue,” takes Kyler’s Shelby out for a spin. The video includes some hard interstate pulls showing just how powerful the 750-plus-horsepower, Kenne Bell-blown monster really is! Also in the video, Kyler shows off the fact that he is not afraid to melt some rubber with a nice big smokey burnout.

Kyler drives his car just the way Carroll intended him to. On the Power Tour, it split time between the Borla booth and the race track. You can see him above changing out the street tires for a set of slicks he kept crammed in the back seat for some passes down Zmax Dragway.

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