How would you like to drive away in a modded 2015 Mustang on the house? We certainly wouldn’t mind have a hotted-up S550 in the driveway and if you agree there is still a little time to enter the Hurst Elite Series Sweepstakes that we told you about back in March.

“Hurst Performance is proud to announce the Hurst ‘Elite Series’ sweepstakes. One lucky person will win our 2015 Mustang GT that Hurst engineers used for prototyping and developing all the exciting Hurst Elite Series products,” says the company. “The Hurst Mustang has each of the six Elite Series components installed, plus some exciting upgraded products from industry leading companies such as, Anderson Composites, Moroso and TMI Interiors.”

You only have a little time left to enter for a chance to win this specially modified 2015 Mustang GT in the Hurst Elite Series Sweepstakes.

Hurst will continue to accept entries until Wednesday, November 15th at noon PST. Later in the month, the company will select a winner who will be flown out to Hurst’s Sacramento, California, production facility to pick up the car.

If that sounds like a plan, tomorrow is the last day to enter. For a chance to win, just visit the official page right here.

In addition to the standard Elite series upgrades, like the Hurst-branded exhaust, floor mats, and shifters, this special sweepstakes ’Stang also features Anderson Composites carbon fiber body parts, a Moroso coolant overflow tank, and a TMI Products interior.