We are oh so close to the 2018 North American International Auto Show, and it looks like Ford Performance has a new member of the ST family up the sleeve of its racing suit. In a new promotional teaser video, the Blue Oval’s hot rodding division tells us to “STay Tuned.”

The newest addition to the Ford Performance lineup is sure to catch everyone’s attention. — Ford

“The newest addition to the Ford Performance lineup is sure to catch everyone’s attention,” says Ford. “Even wheelmen like Ben Collins.”

In said clip the former Top Gear test driver — known once as The Stig — walks past a row of Ford Performance dream machines. He wants to take them all out on the track, but it’s the vehicle at the end of the row we can’t see.

“Dude, what is this,” Ben says.

It looks like Ford Performance has another ST vehicle on the way. What could it be?

That is the real question. After months of speculation involving the possible revelations of new versions of the Bullitt Mustang and the Shelby GT500, it seems there is another vehicle that might just break cover at NAIAS.

Obviously it is a member of the sport-tuned ST family, but is it an iteration of an existing product or one of the 12 new Ford Performance vehicles promised by 2020? We can only see the corner of what looks like a hatch or a trunk with the ST badge, so it could be a hot hatch, a sedan or an SUV. Whatever it is, it much be pretty special to wear that iconic badge.

Soon enough we should see Ben sliding it around a racetrack on video, but until then, color us intrigued. We’ll definitely STay tuned!

UPDATE: It turns out Ford didn’t wait until NAIAS. That new vehicle is the 2019 Edge ST. Learn all about it here.