Ever since an image of a purported Bullitt Mustang appeared in one of The Rock’s Ford promo videos, the rumor mill hit the rev limiter with talk about a Bullitt based on the second-gen S550. Well, from the looks of a grainy spy shot captured recently in Chicago, the movie-inspired Mustang might be getting ready for its close-up.

Photographed by enthusiast Anthony Coppolillo near North Columbus Drive and E Lower Wacker Drive in the Windy City and posted on social media, the Mustang in this photograph appears to display the hallmarks of the Bullitt lineage — clean lines, Highland Green paint, and Torque Thrust-style wheels.

An enthusiast spotted what looks to be a new version of the Bullitt Mustang “filming a commercial” in Chicago. Is the Bullitt about to return? (Photo Credit: Anthony Coppolillo)

The image doesn’t show the decklid or reveal any Bullitt badging, so we can’t be completely certain, but the timing in advance of the 2018 North American International Auto Show (held from January 13-28, 2018), certainly makes the prospect seem realistic. We’ll have to stay tuned, but those rumors are starting to look a lot more solid.

If Ford follows through with the Bullitt blueprint, the car will have some minor performance tweaks to go along with those throwback styling cues, which makes it all the more desireable. Should this car takes its bow in Detroit next month, will you be placing an order?