There is never a dull moment with Vaughn Gittin Jr. When he is not piloting his Mustang RTR in the Formula Drift series, he is crossing the globe to drive the wheels — and most likely the tires — off a variety of Ford vehicles. Shortly after becoming a Mustang driver, Vaughn decided the pony car could use a fresh take and Mustang RTR was born.

The number-one goal is offering an epic driving and owner experience that is complementary to our owners’ lifestyles… — Vaughn Gittin Jr., RTR Vehicles

As you probably know, RTR stands for Ready To Rock, which fits Vaughn’s personality and sets the mission statement for RTR Vehicles. With an RTR truck on the way early next year and a limited run of Mustangs built in concert with Ford Performance in the offing, these are exciting times for the self-proclaimed Professional Fun Haver.

We shared a bit of that excitement after spending a bit of time behind the wheel of a 2018 Mustang RTR Spec 2. That driving experience inspired us to ask Vaughn what went into developing these versatile stallions. He was kind enough to oblige, so read on for his thoughts on what sets the latest Mustang RTRs apart…

Vaughn Gittin Jr. is a self-described Professional Fun Haver, who also happens to be a drifting champ and true enthusiast. We got his thoughts on the latest pony car and what sets the Mustang RTR apart. (Photo Credit: Ford Motor Company)


FordNXT: What is your opinion of the latest Mustangs?

Vaughn Gittin Jr.: I think they are awesome. They offer plenty of technology for an ex-computer nerd like me. Plenty of power to support a lot of fun and the 10-speed auto is the first trans that has made me ever consider not purchasing a manual. With adjustable exhaust levels and plenty of other personalization options, when does Ford stop making it better is my question?

FN: What sets a Mustang RTR apart from other tuned-up Mustang offerings?

JR: The first thing is the style. We have a very unique, modern, aggressive appearance that we apply to our Mustangs. The result is an appearance and presence that instills confidence and separates our owners from the crowd. Meanwhile, our Tactical Performance suspension system is engineered to offer a great ride quality on the street with adjustability to support multiple chassis balances, depending on whether the owner wants to hit the road course with slicks, run some canyon roads on streets tire, blast the drag strip or enjoy some drifting. The capability is all built in off the showroom floor.


FN: What balance do you try to strike between appearance and performance?

JR: We have a very unique approach to developing our turnkey vehicles, the number-one goal is offering an epic driving and owner experience that is complementary our owners’ lifestyles, maintains a warranty, and offers the reliability, technology and comfort everyone expects from modern Mustangs. That is why we offer multiple specs of our vehicles. Our owners decide what is ideal for them. For those that are a bit more conservative the looks of the Spec 1 and creature comforts the Mustang offers are the perfect recipe. Our Spec 2 and 700-horsepower Spec 3 vehicles need to be functional to support as much fun as our owners throw at them. If anyone wants to get crazy, they can talk to us about building a widebody Spec 5. Ford is doing such an awesome job on Mustangs that it allows us to focus on the things we excel at. The end result is a perfect match. I could be biased though!

The signature lighted grille is but one of the styling cues that sets a Mustang RTR apart from the crowd.

FN: What can a driver expect from a new RTR Mustang?

JR: It is a very confidence-inspiring, fun, exciting car to drive. It will, without a doubt, make your face hurt from smiling. Aside from the driving experience, the owner experience is something that you have to experience to believe. If you don’t want attention, photos being taken as you drive, or people stopping to talk to you about your RTR, you might want to consider another option. We like to say ‘Available to all, not for everyone.’ I saw an owner the other day out and about, I stopped to talk to him about how he liked his RTR. His first response was ‘I [email protected]$king love this car’ as he revved it up. That kind of reaction let’s me know we are achieving our primary goal!