With a history of improving the performance of Ford vehicles for over 28 years, Steeda isn’t just about cars. It is fully committed to Ford trucks as well. The company offers a wide array of truck parts and accessories, all designed, engineered, and manufactured in-house just like its popular Mustang offerings. And, its Steeda Vehicles division is running flat out through the desert developing high-performance pickups.

We are also testing and evaluating a Steeda two-wheel-drive, ultra high-performance truck… — Joe Day, Steeda Vehicles

Steeda’s latest upgrade is designed to maximize the performance of Ford’s F-150 Raptor with a new package. Core to this upgrade is the Steeda/Whipple Stage 1 Performance Power Upgrade. Available for the 2016+ Raptor, the Stage 1 system is said to be the first and only complete, 50-state-legal EcoBoost upgrade package available.


The Whipple Monster Cooler offers 54-percent greater volume and 8-percent more surface area. The bar-and-plate intercooler features offset fins on both the cold and hot sides, allowing it to significantly outperform the stock cooler while fitting into the stock packaging.

The Raptor power upgrade is only one facet of Steeda’s offerings, however. We caught up with Joe Day, National Sales Director at Steeda Performance Vehicles, to find out more about its expansion into the truck market.

FordNXT: Steeda is known for its commitment to improving the Mustang. Can you tell us a little about your jump into the Ford truck market?

Joe Day: We are continually advancing and evolving, just as we do with the Ford Mustang. That means we experiment to find out what works and what doesn’t work. We are currently producing not only the Steeda Raptor, but also the Steeda PreRunner which is built on the F-150 platform for more aggressive off-roading, and it is available in both 3.5 EcoBoost and also naturally aspirated and supercharged 5.0 applications.


FN: What makes the products you are offering different from others on the market?

JD: The difference with Steeda is functionality, everything is designed to perform at the highest standards without sacrificing the function of the vehicle.

Steeda/Whipple Stage 1 F-150 Raptor Kit

• 50-state emissions legal

• 91 or higher octane fuel compatible

• 150 lb-ft of torque/80 horsepower peak gain over stock using 93 octane

• Advanced PCM calibration using factory tools for driveability and performance

• Bolt-on performance, no modifications required

• Heavy duty bar-plate designed intercooler

• High-velocity cold air intake system for unmatched airflow

• Offset fins on cold airflow side of the intercooler

• Massive Mega Cooler featuring 54-percent greater volume than stock intercooler

• Powdercoated heat shield

• Unique induction whine from Whipple intake system

• Zero cutting or modifying vehicle


FN: You mentioned that you are doing much of your truck testing in Moab, Utah. What made you choose this location?

JD: Much like we test our Q-Series Mustangs at Sebring and Palm Beach International Raceway, there is no better place to do the truck testing that than here in Moab, Utah. This is the place where off-road rigs go to test their breaking point. We strategically piloted our performance truck program in that area because our dealership network wanted more than just Mustangs and the demand for trucks was extremely high.

The Whipple high-velocity air intake system features a roto-molded plastic air intake that maximizes air speed, while reducing inlet restriction. This system features a velocity-stack gauze filter with extra wide pleats, giving the air filter the capacity to flow over 132 percent more air than a stock paper filter.

FN: The Stage 1 Raptor upgrade’s power gains are impressive, especially the torque improvements. Can you tell us a little about the package?

JD: Our Steeda/Whipple Raptor upgrade couples the Whipple Mega Cooler; roto-molded, high-velocity cold air intake; and industry-leading custom calibration to make an amazing 150 lb-ft of torque and 70 horsepower more than stock. Even better, at 3,500 RPM, the system produces over 180 lb-ft of torque over stock giving more power under the curve for incredible throttle response.


FN: What else is included in this upgrade?

JD: The full upgrade includes 35-inch Nitto Trail Grappler Off-Road tires; Addictive Desert Design Stealth Fighter front and rear bumpers; Rigid Industries LED off-road lights Front (50-inch driving and 10-inch side lights) and rear (10-inch corner and 2-inch backup); a tri-fold bed cover, and Bed Rug bed liner. The upgrades will improve the Raptor’s impact protection, approach angles, and underbody clearance.

FN: Any future product plans that you can share with us?

Joe Day: We are also testing and evaluating a Steeda two-wheel-drive, ultra high-performance truck for possible future product offerings. It is a safe bet that we will develop and launch a Steeda Ranger truck in the future as well. The key is that we need to test the base truck and then identify the specific opportunities for off-road improvement and powertrain enhancement. We already have mocked up multiple design considerations and will select the final design based on consumer focus groups and vehicle designer input.

The Steeda F-150 Raptor includes upgrades from some of the biggest names in the off-road community, including Addictive Desert Designs, Extang, Nitto Tire, and Rigid Industries.

FN: Sounds like you have your hands full out there in Moab.

JD: Let’s just say we are eating up the street and the drag strip. We’ll leave it at that. Our year-round presence in Moab allows us to test our trucks under the most demanding conditions possible.

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No matter what truck suits your needs, the Steeda options available for your Ford truck are designed to take your vehicle improve performance on the street and off-road without detracting from your pick-up’s daily drivability. For the complete line of Steeda parts for your Blue Oval pickup, you can visit the official website here and the full line of Steeda vehicles here.