They say not to rest on your laurels, and that is never more true than in the world of hot rodding and horsepower. The folks over at Nitrous Express took this adage to heart when developing a new plate system for our beloved Ford 5.0-liter pushrod engines. In the above video, the company gives us a sneak peak at its new NX 5.0 Pushrod Plate System with integrated solenoids.

This new Pushrod Plate System is really clean and simple. It looks easy enough to bolt on in a Saturday afternoon of wrenching. The billet plate simply replaces the factory Ford EGR spacer in between the throttle body and the intake manifold. Built in solenoids finish off the look keeping everything all together — clean and simple.

The Nitrous Express 5.0 Pushrod Plate with integrated solenoids is a clean, easy way to add up to 250 horsepower to your 5.0-liter engine.

The kit comes with all the wiring and hardware included to install the system as well. This means avoiding those countless trips to the auto parts store in the middle of your valuable installation time. With eight different horsepower jets between 50 and 250 horsepower, there will surely be something there to fit your application and horsepower needs.

For more info on this kit and others, visit Nitrous Express online right here.