Street racing has been around since the very birth of motorized cars, and as they’ve become more powerful, and in turn both quicker and faster, the stakes and the danger have only increased. Recently, the Fox body Mustang known as “Side Piece” took on another Mustang that goes by “Purple Kush” for a nice pot of cash. This race nearly ended in tragedy after Purple Kush experienced one of the most insane crashes ever caught on camera by the 1320Video crew.

When the starter flashed his flashlight Side Piece got the early jump as Purple Kush spun the tires at the hit, but quickly started making up ground. Both cars nearly touch before Purple Kush lost traction and made a huge move towards the right, leaving the road and striking a power pole violently on the passenger side. The force of the impact was so intense that it ripped the car in half, spreading its remains all over the ditch.

Everyone began sprinting towards the ruins of the destroyed car to help the driver and arrived to see him extricating himself from the demolished car by a bystander. After the driver moved away from what was left of the Mustang, the camera showed the utter devastation Purple Kush experienced in the crash. The driver was able to walk away from the crash but suffered a broken jaw, broken shoulder, and lost several teeth as a result of the impact.