Hughes Performance is a trusted source for torque converters and their Street Master series is designed to meet the needs of those looking for little bit more on the street. For those with mild modifications, the Street Master will provide a little more stall to get your ride moving. Even for those with stock engines, the Street Master series drastically reduces lag. Once a few performance parts are added to your ride, the lag off the line becomes a bit more annoying, so Hughes Performance found a solution that does not compromise street manners. According to Hughes Performance, the vehicle will retain a smooth idle in gear and add some performance at the same time. This is could be used as dual purpose converter for the street and strip. Regardless of purpose it will provide a noticeable performance boost that will help move the car off the starting line quicker.

The Street Master 2200 to 2500, allows the user to hold the engine speed to the stated RPM with the brakes engaged before the wheels begin to roll. Rarely does a vehicle come from the factory with an upgraded stall, so upgrading the converter is an easy and effective method to gain performance. However, a converter with high stall will not allow the car to retain the street manners and may grab the attention of local law enforcement thanks to the sound of squealing tires. So it is very important to select the proper converter for your vehicle; this is determined by a number of factors, including: camshaft, engine, modifications, power adders, and use (street driven, street / strip, or full fledged race car). To make certain that the Street Master converter is right choice for your Ford, GM, or Mopar application take a few minutes to explore the Hughes Performance website.