The process of rotating the tires forward on a car might start with your right foot smacking the gas pedal, but it ends at the rearend of the car when the horsepower is put down to the track by the wheels and tires. That power is transferred to the tires in part by the gears inside the rearend so making sure they are doing their job is important in the entire process. US Gear gives us a firsthand look at how their ring and pinion gear set is installed in a Strange Engineering nine-inch rearend in this informative video.

US Gear has been supplying gears to Strange Engineering with gears for just about every application imaginable. Having a set of gears that can deal with launches on sticky tires and being on the receiving end of copious amounts of horsepower being applied to them is what makes US Gear a top choice for driveline companies like Strange.

Cynthia Norris from US Gear explains the relationship their company has with Strange Engineering.

“We’ve manufactured high-performance ring and pinion gears for Strange Engineering for over three decades. Strange has a stellar reputation in the racing industry for providing high-quality axles and rear ends that racers and enthusiasts can always depend on. Our partnership is built on our mutual passion for the industry and products that are made in the USA.”

The gear kit from US Gear seen in the video comes with all of the parts required for a successful installation. Having the correct tools is paramount for the installation to go correctly, and that will require specialty tools that you will need to purchase if the plan is to make this a DIY project. Throughout the video, you’re provided with a step-by-step plan on how to install the gears that includes what order to go in, tolerances, and tips on how to get the perfect mesh for the gears.

Make sure you watch this entire video to see what goes into a grade a gear installation with US Gears.