The applications are ready, the preliminary rules have just been released — and the battle lines have been drawn. It’s time for the Horsepower Wars $10K Drag Shootout!

This is your chance to be a part of the most exciting drag racing show of 2018, which pits teams against one another in a battle to see who can build the quickest drag car — with a $10,000 budget — in just 10 days. It will take more than mere mechanical skills to win the Horsepower Wars $10k Drag Shootout.

The idea behind the $10K Drag Race Shootout is simple: teams will be given $3,000 in cash and $7,000 in Summit Racing gift cards to buy their car and get down the dragstrip as quickly as possible. Along the way, you and your team will have the chance to win bonus parts and help (or penalties) through various challenges, and there will be some surprises, as well. After the 10 days of building, teams will settle the shootout at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk at the 2018 Shakedown race to see who built the quickest car.

Do you think you and your friends have what it takes to win the $10K Drag Race Shootout?

Make sure you check out the preliminary rules right here, so you understand what this challenge is all about. This is different than any other build-off show you’ve ever seen: to be victorious in the Horsepower Wars you need to bring more than just the ability to go fast. The builds will take place at the Horsepower Wars Tech Center Facility in California, where each team will have access to tools, equipment, and even a dyno. After the cars are complete it will be time to race at the world-famous Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio to see which team has built the quickest hot rod.

Sponsors: Horsepower Wars has been made possible by the support of some amazing sponsors, who are not only helping to support the show, but who are also providing parts and support for the teams and builds.

The winning team wins their car, but wait there’s more…

Thanks to our friends at Summit Motorsports Park there will be a HUGE announcement coming out later this week about an additional $10,000 in cash that will be up for grabs to the winner during Horsepower Wars. Trust us, the 2018 Shakedown At The Summit will be a can’t miss event when you hear this. Stay tuned right here for more!

Teams will have to buy a vehicle on day one of the competition from several that have been preselected; delivery will be taken in “as-is” condition. After that, it’s time for each team to get their build on — with the help of their Summit Racing gift cards, for 10 days at the Tech Center. Provided they meet the rules of the competition, the cars can be modified in a variety of ways to go as quick as possible.

Rules Highlights:

  • Vehicle shall be required to use a spec racing fuel which shall be provided. Nitrous shall be provided (if desired) at both the Tech Center and race location.
  • Each Team will be given $3,000 in cash and a $7,000 Summit Racing gift card. The $3,000 may be utilize to purchase the vehicle and any new or used parts. Summit Racing will provide free overnight shipping of all components on in-stock, non-freight items. A Horsepower Wars Official (“Official”) will be embedded within each team for the duration of the 10 days. All purchases of parts other than those from Summit Racing must be approved by the Official as well as the Horsepower Wars Competition Director. All used parts must be purchased by unaffiliated parties at market value price which shall ultimately be approved or rejected by the Competition Director and Officials. No parts may be received as gifts.
  • Exterior of body and all body panels (hood, fenders, nose, bumper, doors, rear hatch, trunk) must remain intact and not be lightened. Aftermarket, lightweight body panels may be substituted so long as they retain general factory appearance. Headlights and taillights are required. OEM glass windows are required.
  • Vehicle may not be lightened other than removal of interior, wiring, stereo, smog, emissions equipment, cooling equipment, spare tire, carpet, internal crash bumpers, and other items that will be specified in final rules. Lightweight suspension and chassis parts are acceptable. Sheetmetal may not be lightened via drilling and/or hole-sawing, or any other method.
  • Any suspension or drive system is permitted (front wheel drive, rear wheel, all wheel-drive).
  • Any engine or power adder is permitted, including dual power adders.
  • Any tire size is permitted.
  • Safety: Vehicles must comply with safety tech. Driver must have license for applicable E.T. Driver must have protective clothing and helmet. SFI Chassis Certs will be provided at no charge.
  • The following safety gear and supplies shall be provided at no charge: seat belts, battery box, master cut-off switch, driveshaft loop, roll cage tubing, window net, and gussets.
  • The following items shall be provided at no charge: Mickey Thompson tires, Royal Purple fluids, E3 spark plugs, NOS nitrous oxide, and spec fuel.

Click here to view the preliminary rules package

Now, it’s VERY important that you and your team properly fill out the initial application and get it in by the deadline of MARCH 1, 2018, otherwise, you won’t be eligible to be on the show or have the chance to win any of the great prizes we will be giving away. Horsepower Wars won’t be accepting ANY applications after MARCH 1, 2018, so get yours in TODAY.

Click here for the Horsepower Wars $10K Drag Race Shootout application

Read the rules and submit your application TODAY, so you don’t miss out on this opportunity to prove that you can build the fastest car in just 10 days, and beat the competition on race day.

You can download the rules by clicking on this document as well.

Good luck!