It seems Holley has been releasing new products left and right recently – and just in time for the holidays, too.

Just recently, they announced the release of MSD’s Direct Ignition System (DIS) Kits.

Known for their quick starts, smooth idle, increased power and improved throttle response, they are meant to be an easy upgrade from the conventional distributor-type ignition, to the modernized coil-per-plug design.

But, the advantages don’t stop there: they also eliminate distributor cap and rotor wear, reduce spark energy losses, and optimize ignition tuning parameters. Per the press release, “[It] will l improve the overall performance of your engine thanks to its high output capacitive discharge sparks. Below 3,000 rpm the ignition delivers multiple sparks that will clean up the idle, improve starting and throttle response.” They are easily programmable through a mini USB port, with 2D and 3D maps that allow for timing control. A simple software called MSDView and labeled wires make installation, use, and gaining power a breeze.

With a 2.5 Bar MAP sensor, a step-retard feature, launch-retard feature, and two-step, they’re perfect for boosted and nitrous applications as well as drag race vehicles. Currently, they are available in either black or red for small and big-block Chevys, small-block Fords, and Cleveland Fords.

For more information or to purchase MSD’s new DIS Kits, check out their website HERE.

While you’re at it, check out their “Happy Holleydays” promotion, with a bunch of discounted items, up to 20% off, now through the end of the year.