We had such a good time last year peeping all the vanity plates that we just had to share them all with you. This year we made a point of checking out as many of the Mustang hindquarters as we could to track down a new crop of creative plates. After sifting through a huge pile of photos, we narrowed the list down to our 10 favorite plates.

Now, keep in mind that Mustang Week takes place over several days in different venues so there is a lot of ground to cover while doing our traditional coverage. We spotted most if not all of the clever plate slogans, but we may have missed some great ones.

Then it came down to picking some favorites, which is, by its nature, a subjective process. There were a pile of great plates, but we gravitate toward the truly creative and somewhat snarky examples. Plates that describe your car are wonderful, but it’s the ones that made us chuckle or think for a minute that made our list.

Of course, you are free to peruse our full gallery of vanity plates below and pick your own list of favorites. Before you do, may we present our top 10 favorite vanity license plates from Mustang Week 2018…



Maybe it’s because we have a soft spot for the documentary that detailed the development of the 2015 Mustang, titled A Faster Horse, but this one really struck a chord. Its owner made good use of the characters to sum up how most people feel about their Mustangs.


We can just hear My Cousin Vinnie uttering this one. We didn’t check back to see if this car is indeed running a naturally aspirated engine, but it doesn’t really matter. Either this car is proudly NA or trolling its potential opponents with its all-motor moniker.


This is either a brave challenge to the strict law enforcement in Myrtle Beach or the owner has a badge and a great sense of humor. Either way it might be a bold move for a Mustang owner, as our cars seem to get pulled over more frequently in any environment. It definitely made us chuckle.


While our earlier find loves natural power, this owner is down for some boost. And, really, who doesn’t at some point. Boost feels good, and it can help you win a race, so this plate really sums up that boosted life.


Depending on the car, this could be accurate or another tongue-in-cheek slogan displayed in irony. We don’t recall the car in question being outlandish, but we like the sentiment. There are few things cooler than a really fast sleeper, so fly that flag proudly.



Some are fans of front ends, but this owner is clearly a fan of rearends. It’s always great to see what gets past those curmudgeons who sign off on the vanity plates. This one definitely slipped by, but likely brings a sly smile to the face of those who are hip to the lingo.


We saw our share of burnouts during Mustang Week. Some of them were even officially sanctioned during the SVTP Burnout Contest at Myrtle Beach Speedway. However, the locals were definitely on the lookout for the illicit tire smoking around town, so this plate might have created some awkward interactions on the street. We just imagine looking in the rearview mirror, seeing the lights, and trying to explain this tag away.


If there ever was a tag that was of its time, this is it. If you only live once, you might as well just do it, whether it is a burnout, a drag strip pass or a dyno run, most people would tell you to “Just Send It!” and this tag shows the owner is down for whatever.


Our pal Bill Tumas, of CJ Pony Parts online video fame, is a no-nonsense kinda guy, so his tag sums up his care-free spirit. Most people give a few, but he doesn’t give a single one.


This one is definitely a sarcastic jab, as owner Josh Hubbel definitely does more than show his car off. He gets out there and runs it at the drag strip. Hard parkers, however, have some righteous dyno sheets on their stationary machines.

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