A cold air intake is a great way to improve performance and let your engine breathe a little better. Holley is one of the big names in aftermarket performance parts with a storied history in induction upgrades, so it’s no surprise the company offers easy-to-install, direct-fit iNTECH cold air intakes like the one we see installed on a 2013 Mustang GT in the 5-minute video above.

It offers the install in nearly real-time and hardly does anything to speed up the installation process. It’s a simple. bolt-on procedure that requires zero modification to the vehicle and can be done easily by any do-it-yourself mechanic.

Installation of the iNTECH cold air intake is about as simple as it gets. Just watch the video and follow along with Jeremy's instructions. Your car will be breathing better in no time!


To install the kit, start by disconnecting the negative terminal from the battery and remove the strut tower brace for easy access to the engine cover and intake parts. After you’ve removed the engine cover, start by taking off the crank case ventilation tube and the induction sound tube.

Removing the crank case ventilation tube doesn’t require any tools, but taking off the induction sound tube will require a pair of pliers to remove the spring clamp.

After the crankcase ventilation and IST are removed, slip off the intake tube. The next step is to remove the air box, but before you take it off, make sure to disconnect the mass air-flow sensor. After that is disconnected, simply unbolt and remove the air box, taking special care to take the grommets out of the factory air box and place them back into the car.

With the assembly out, installation is as simple as putting the mass air-flow sensor into the new air intake, putting the crank case ventilation fitting into the intake tube, and installing the system into the car. Place the air box, install the coupling back onto the throttle body, press the dry filter element onto the intake tube and place it on the opening of the air box. Once that is all done, just secure all of the fittings, reconnect the mass airflow sensor, reconnect the induction sound tube and crankcase breather, and you’re ready to drive.

Putting everything together and getting it in the car is just as easy as taking the old air intake out.

The video is detailed and thorough in showing you how to perform the installation. This is the kind of project where it wouldn’t hurt to set the video up on your laptop or phone and just go step-by-step with the video in your garage as you install your new air intake. It’s alway reassuring to follow along with the expert, and it’ll also provide some company for your out in the shop.

It really is that easy, and in addition to helping with airflow, the Holley iNTECH cold air intake also adds just a touch of custom flair to your car. The smooth surface of the Holley intake tube looks much more attractive than that of the stock tube it replaces.