20150513_111123GRLike many enthusiasts, you might have dreamed of working in automotive and high-performance media as a writer or editor, but you didn’t know where to begin. You’ve always had a passion for internal combustion, and the knack for sharing your interests with other people, but the realities of earning a paycheck got in the way, or you simply never saw the opportunity to turn the dream into a reality.

20150513_111153GRWe’d like to offer you that opportunity now. Power Automedia, the company behind the digital magazine you’re reading now, is in search of the right people to join our team of committed, passionate writers and editors, both in our office as full-time employees and as remote contributors.

Experience is a factor, but we value the ability to be articulate, interesting, and knowledgeable in print most of all. Don’t let a lack of an extensive list of professional writing credits keep us from discovering what you can contribute - We urge you to ask yourself if this is what life has been preparing you for, and if it is, don’t hold back.

If you’re convinced that you should give it a shot, send us an email at [email protected] and give us a quick summary of your knowledge base: Are you a knowledgeable mechanic? Do you live and breathe a particular brand or model of vehicle? Are you at car shows every weekend, and love shooting photos? Tell us how your passion expresses itself. If you have any writing samples, like articles for a club newsletter, blog posts, or the like, attach or link to them as well. And finally, let us know whether you’re thinking of a full-time career, a part time gig, or working as a freelancer.

Don’t put it off! Today’s the day to find out if your future might hold a career in automotive publishing with the industry leader in digital media.