lego-gt-3There are few toys in the world as infinitely creative as LEGOs, and the brand once on the verge of bankruptcy has come roaring back into cultural relevancy. There are LEGO sets for virtually every major blockbuster movie release, though the toy maker now supports the efforts of adults seeking challenging, complicated kits that appeal to our inner child. It even crowd sources ideas from dedicated LEGO fans through the LEGO Ideas website.

lego-gt-4There are hundreds of great ideas on the Ideas site at any one time, and it takes a lot of support to go from idea to production model. This Ford GT model submitted by Alex Paschoaletto takes the 600 horsepower carbon fiber supercar and condenses it down to 1:17 scale using about 950 plastic LEGO pieces. If it gets enough support, LEGO will even make it available to the public for purchase.

With the price of the Ford GT being speculated to be in the $400,000 or more range, the Blue Oval is making potential buyers apply before actually purchasing the V6 supercar. Most of us would consider ourselves lucky to even sit in one, though a detailed LEGO kit that we could build ourselves wouldn’t be bad for the mantle either. Alex’s design took about 10 days and features working gull-wing doors and a rear hood latch to reveal a plastic brick engine as well.

It’s a bit rough around the edges admittedly, but if LEGO saw enough interested in a Ford GT and went through the trouble of licensing the design from the automaker, they could surely spin out a few unique bricks to clean things up. The LEGO Ford GT needs 10,000 supporters to make it into contention though, and even then it’s a long road to approval. As of right now there’s less than 1,000 supporters; maybe we can help spread the word and take this from concept to execution.

You’re never too old for LEGOs, and this Ford GT kits is a perfect example of how this toy-maker has managed to truly appeal to all ages.