If you are a fan of the Ford EcoBoost engine family, then you probably enjoy watching tuners around the country extracting significant power from these small-displacement, turbocharged engines. One company with a strong following for making big EcoBoost power is Tune+ Performance Calibrations and Consulting.. Located in Lewisville, Texas, Tune+ works around the clock tuning some of the hottest EcoBoost Mustang coupes and Ford Focus hatchbacks on the planet.

I figured there is enough interest that we would go over the craziness that is going on in the shop. — Adam Brunson, Tune +

While the company’s CEO and founder Adam Brunson has earned an impressive following via social media, because of the extent of his builds, Adam admits that he has just not had the time to capture the scope of some of these big EcoBoost build’s in real time.

When the Ford Focus RS finally made its US debut, Tune+ was one of the first companies to offer a custom tune for Ford Performance’s hottest hatch.

“Every build we do is pretty extensive, it’s never just pull the engine and install the new engine,” Adam explained. “So a lot of time goes into just getting the build organized. Working with the customer to go over their goals, budget, timeline, and most of the time arranging transport. Every build we have done (besides one) has been from out of state. So getting the car here and back to the customer is all part of the organizing of the build. Then, we can finally start the build.”

This month, Adam released the first video in a series on vlogs that gives EcoBoost fans a view into the day-to-day operations at the Tune+ facility. What makes this video so unique is that in the past, many of the tuned by Adam fans, scored their build fixes via the quick photos that Adam and his team posted online. Now we can see them in action.


The 11-minute video above gives us a firsthand look inside the Tune+ facility and gives viewers a quick peek behind the curtain of the magic that goes down on the daily.

“People have been complaining that I don’t post enough videos and only post pictures,” Adam explained. “I figured there is enough interest that we would go over the craziness that is going on in the shop.”


Considering a Ford EcoBoost Mustang upgrade? The new Tune+ vlog series lets you know what’s involved. (Photo Credit: Tune+)

The Tune+ vlog delivers on a promise of enhancing the overall customer experience at Tune+. Adam is also quick to point out that at any given time the facility could have as many as eight different vehicles scheduled for builds. And, when you take into account the challenges of organizing a build, waiting on parts to arrive, and custom fitment, we can easily see how a lot of Adam’s time is spent getting a build organized and ultimately back to anxious customers on time.

After watching the video, we are more aware of some of the challenges this team faces, but the video also gives us a deeper understanding of what Tune+ is trying to accomplish on some of these more aggressive EcoBoost builds. It also puts a smile on our faces knowing that this platform continues to benefit from high-performance development.