When it comes to adding significant power to your late-model Mustang by way of forced induction, Fathouse Fabrications has got you covered. Located in Indianapolis, Indiana, the company is known for building some of the baddest ponies around. Case in point is a 50th Anniversary Mustang GT that put down an impressive 814 horsepower and 619 lb-ft of torque to the rear wheels courtesy of a VMP Performance Gen3 TVS supercharger.

The change from 93 to E85 results in a 37-horsepower gain on this car. — Ben Stoner, Fathouse Fabrications

“Tuning is an integral part of the builds we do here at FatFab. Our Tuner Corbin Johnson is the man behind all the magic that happens in that department. He has tuned Mustangs from 400 horsepower bolt-on, naturally aspirated setups to record-breaking 1,143-horsepower, twin-turbo GT350,” Ben Stoner, Vice President at Fathouse Fabrications, told us. “…This car is tuned on flex fuel using the stock ECU and HP Tuners. This allows the customer to change from 93 octane to pump E85 without changing the tune. The change from 93 to E85 results in a 37-horsepower gain on this car. We had plenty of room for more power on E85 but decided to keep it modest since it is a stock engine.”

814RWHP 2015 Mustang Mods

• Fore Innovations double-pump fuel system

• JLT Performance cold air intake

• Injector Dynamics ID1050X Injectors

• Stainless Works long-tube headers

• VMP Performance 163mm throttle body

• VMP Performance Gen3 2.65-liter TVS supercharger

The company then added Fore Innovations double-pump fuel system, which feeds ID1050X fuel injectors. A set of Stainless Works long-tube headers rounds out the build.

The team at Fathouse Fabrications installed VMP’s Gen3 TVS supercharger, which breathes through a big VMP throttle body an a JLT Performance cold air intake. "The 173mm throttle body is actually getting swapped for a 163mm throttle body for better driveability. The 173mm was something we were testing but is for more of a race setup," Ben Stoner explained. "When we swapped to the 163mm throttle body for better street manners and put it back on the dyno it actually made 17 more horsepower!"

“The Fore double-fuel-pump system was chosen to provide adequate fuel on E85. We always install our fuel systems to what we call OEM or better spec,” Ben said. “Everything is wired properly, and OEM cloth tape with high-quality wiring supplies are always used. Fore provides us with the additional components that allow us to maintain this level of quality installation.”

The car’s Fore Innovations fuel system is a full return-style design with the rails plumbed in parallel and the regulator on the return side. The pumps are Walbro 450-lph pumps mounted in Fore's billet fuel pump housing.

After watching the car on the dyno, we are sure that Ron’s 2015 Mustang GT will make a killer street car and will be able to hold its own against many of its rivals. If not, he might just keep on modding this car.