This ’93 Ford Mustang sold for $26,000… Is it a fluke?

Good news fox body Mustang owners, we might be entering a new era of collectability for that Fox body that you just couldn’t get rid of. Once the SN-95 Mustang was released, it didn’t take long for the value of the Fox body mustangs to diminish. For the as long as we can remember, a few thousand bucks would pick you up a Fox in decent shape. But based on recent auction results, we might be seeing the beginnings of a rising demand for unmolested, low mileage collectable Fox body Mustangs.

At Mecum Chicago 2014, a ’93 Mustang recently sold for $26,000! Sure it only had 75 miles on it, featured a rare radio and A/C delete, and had the original window sticker still taped to the window, but even still, a fox body sold for over 25k! Think this is an anomaly?.. Hardly.

The fox body still wore the original window sticker and only had 75 original miles.

The fox body still wore the original window sticker and only had 75 original miles.

While we know those virgin Fox body cars are getting harder to find, we’ve never seen prices this high. When we dig into the numbers a bit deeper we found out that this is in fact the second most expensive Fox body ever sold through Mecum auctions. The first was a ’93 Cobra that sold for $29,000 in April of 2014. In fact, the top six Fox body sales have all sold within the past two years, all for more than $19,000. The evidence is starting to accumulate, the Fox body is back!

eBay doesn’t show anything different either. A quick search for 79 – 93 Mustangs led us to another ’93 Mustang that currently has 28 bids and a high bid of $22,000 (and still hasn’t met the reserve). So could it be that the 2015 Mustang is driving up the value of the Fox body? Or is it possibly collectors who see the value associated with many of the Fox body years now cresting in to the classic car status and are rushing to one day turn a profit.

Regardless, it sure appears that many are starting to see the secret that fox body owners have known for years: The fox body Mustangs are fantastic cars and will always be a true American icon.