When you’re the proud owner of a brand new Ford Raptor, there is no doubt that a snow day would be reason for celebration. With all that power going to all four wheels, there would be nothing but fun in store for all involved.

Shreddin' snow and doing donuts in the snow!

The video starts with out five heroes spending a little time in a parking lot warming up the Raptor with a few donuts and a little snow slinging. Lucky for us, one of the passengers took one for the team and hopped out to shoot video. We’d love to be in the driver seat, or even passenger seat, for all that fun in the snow!

Unfortunately for them, a snow plow came to clear the parking lot and ruined their fun.

The night was still young however, and our friends found themselves running across a Toyota Camry stuck in a median off the highway. They put the Raptor to good use and pulled out their tow chain to rescue the two-wheel-drive car.

They got that Camry hooked up and towed out in now time!

They were able to pull the little car out of its ditch with no trouble and get it back on the road. After the quick rescue, a police officer thanks the Raptor passengers and shakes all of their hands. What a great night that was for the folks taking the Raptor out for a cruise—they got to do some donuts, slide in the snow, rescue a Camry in distress, and get personally thanked by a police officer. We call that a success.