In years past, Ford shied away from overtly promoting its performance vehicles. So when you see television spots during college football Saturday today on ABC, CBS and FOX, you know the Blue Oval is serious about its first Ford Performance SUV launch, the 2019 Edge ST.

…We believe it will get people revved-up and draw them into the Ford showroom. — Ryan Gillenwater, Ford

“Leaning into our world-renowned Ford Performance brand caught their attention and made them want to know more,” Ryan Gillenwater, Ford SUV marketing communications manager, said. “Even though the ST will not represent the largest share of sales, we believe it will get people revved-up and draw them into the Ford showroom.”

Ford begins marketing the new Edge, including the ST and Co-Pilot360 Technology today during college football on ABC, CBS and FOX television. (Photo Credit: Ford Motor Company)

Of course, the hot hauler isn’t the only part of the Edge family being promoted. Ford is also pushing its new Co-Pilot360 Technology, which helps drivers safely navigate congested roads.

“They’re both unique spots with a lot of energy and a little bit of comedy that illustrate some of the things that people go through with their vehicles in the real world each day,” Ryan added.

The new Edge, including the ST, will hit dealer lots at the end of this month, and we will share our driving impressions in the near future.