History was made earlier this week when a Ford GT ran 300.4 mph at the Texas Mile making it the first ever street-legal car to do so. The 2006 Ford GT is powered by a twin-turbocharged modular engine, and belongs to M2K Motorsports out of Fulshear, Texas. Victoria Regional Airport, the venue of the Texas Mile, welcomes some of the fastest cars in the world for the bi-annual event, which takes place in March and October each year.

The GT, donning the prestigious Gulf Heritage livery, is no stranger to the infamous mile – it previously held the record of 293.6 mph. That record was set in March of 2017. Even so, hitting 300 mph is a huge victory for the M2K team, and for Ford fans in general.

While it has been claimed that the GT produces approximately 2,500 horsepower, dyno limitations prevent us from knowing its actual power numbers. The GT still possesses its original 5.4L V8 engine from the factory, but with the added turbos producing 45 psi of boost, and the entire combination running on methanol, its power comes as no surprise. Even more impressive, the factory six-speed manual transmission is still in operation, even though the GT was only rated for a top speed of 205 mph rolling through Ford’s doors. The GT has also been equipped with a SPEC clutch and Motec EFI system.

Earlier in the weekend, the team had warmed up with a 174.5 mph pass, followed by a 240 mph mile.

Watch the video of the amazing feat above!