Running strong for over 50 years, the Mustang amassed numerous significant milestones along the way. As the remaining car in Ford’s vehicle portfolio of the future, those milestones feel even more significant. Now the company is gearing up to celebrate one such landmark event on Wednesday August 8, 2018.

We want your Mustang to be part of it! — Ford

“Come celebrate a major milestone in Ford’s history! We need your help to create a parade of Mustangs from every year of production — 1964 to 2018,” says the event website. “The parade will travel from Ford World Headquarters to Flat Rock Assembly Plant and participate in a historic photo shoot and celebration that will be seen around the world — and we want your Mustang to be part of it!”

Ford is celebrating something big this week, and it needs your help. The company wants one of each Mustang built between 1965 and 2018 to gather at Ford World Headquarters and parade over to the Flat Rock Assembly plant where Mustangs are built today. (Photo Credit: Ford Motor Company)

Recently pictures of the purported 10 millionth Mustang hit social media, so that might tie into Wednesday’s event. The car is painted in Wimbledon White just like the 1964 Mustang that carried serial number 1 and currently resides at the Henry Ford museum. However, if this event is celebrating 10 million Mustangs, it might just show up at Flat Rock for that big photo shoot.

No matter what the event is celebrating, it would be great to participate in the parade and photo with your personal Mustang. If you want to show up, however, you need to register for the event right here.

This image was posted on social media along with the date 8/8/18, so the big number seems like the cause for celebration.