We never really think about semi trucks too much other than hoping one doesn’t drift over and hit us on the narrow roads while we’re on the hoon. Not long ago we caught some semi truck road racing on Speed or one of those similar channels and watched it for a while just to see those giant trucks lumber around the race course. This awesome looking Ford cargo semi would look fantastic on one of those racetracks hooning around the course.

The truck appears to be grabber orange and has black Shelby stripes with a white outline. The coolest part of this truck isn’t the stripes or the orange paint though; it’s the awesome back half. The rear of the truck right below where the trailer would latch is. The rear end looks like a cross between a ’67 and a ’11-12 Mustang. The curve in the panel between the lights and the tail lights look like the ’10-12 GT500 or GT to us.

However, under that is a lower fascia that has cut outs for the exhaust pipes that have chrome rings around them. Those rings remind us of a 67 or 68. We also really like that the truck is missing the stacks generally associated with a semi and has them exiting out the back. The rear end of the truck even has a spoiler on it. Too bad if you used this truck to haul that back end would be covered up. This is a pure show truck though so there is no chance of it working for a living.