When you think of Flaming River, the first sub-system of your restoration project to come to mind is steering. Flaming River has been a supplier of updated steering solutions for your classic musclecar project for over 20 years. Racks, columns, power steering, and related accessories can go a long way toward revitalizing the feel and enjoyment of cruising in your classic ride.

The tightened-up feel you get from your steering is only as good as the precision offered by the supporting suspension. If you have struts and shocks that are shot, you can expect a wallowing ride when you need support, and a harsh ride when you need compliance.

Flaming RiverDennis Gage of My Classic Car, who is a recognizable face in automotive media, and Ron Domin of Flaming River talk us through some of the highlights important to these suspension offerings.

In order to better support the base of classic car restorers out there, Flaming River partnered-up with a home-grown producer of dampers to offer its line of dual-adjustable shocks and coilovers. Now pairing their line of steering parts with a new suspension system, builders can reap the handling benefits of a fully restored ride.

Available in smooth body dampers for leaf spring applications, and strut/coilover configurations for custom applications and front ends, these shocks and springs offer two-way adjustability to tune the ride to your liking. With 19 clicks of adjustment to increase or decrease damping resistance in both compression and rebound, enthusiasts can dial in comfort for the street, but crank the settings into track mode with ease.