(Photo Credit: Silver Sport Transmissions)

SST's Advanced Friction Clutch Kits

• Advanced Friction TKR 10-inch clutch kit

• Capacity: 650 lb-ft of Torque

• Applications: Ford, GM, Mopar and AMC

• Spline: 1.125-inch x 26-spline

• Fits: TREMEC TKO 500 five-speed, TREMEC TKO 600 five-Speed, TREMEC Magnum six-speed, Richmond five-speed, Richmond six-speed, and Muncie four-speed, 26-spline

Take it from us, when you’re in the middle of performing a transmission swap, you don’t want to find yourself missing any of the key components that make up that swap. Parts that are crucial to said swap can most times include a new clutch assembly, as certain transmissions make use of different assemblies and input shafts.

Fortunately for all you swappers, suppliers like Silver Sport Transmissions are actively working to take the guess work out of transmission swaps by supplying its own components for your endeavor. One of the things that SST prides itself on is providing enthusiasts with virtually every part necessary to complete a swap in its PerfectFit kits, and we can vouch for that in the form of our own 2005 Mustang project car.

Enter into the Advanced Friction Clutch Kits from SST. Designed specifically for its PerfectFit swap kits, these high-performance clutch assemblies are centered around the perfect hybrid of performance driving duties and street manors. SST offers more than four clutch assemblies which are engineered for a variety of driving styles, and are devised to work with the TREMEC overdrive transmissions that SST provides in its kits.

All of its clutch kits feature a “tuned sprung hub and marcel spring design” for easy street driving characteristics, and the company’s entry level kit features a 450 lb-ft of torque rating; while the high-end stuff is rated at 650 lb-ft, but it is a tad more aggressive. Of course we’ve just glossed over the offerings from SST, so if you’d like to find out more information on what they offer, we recommend checking out its website here.