You probably remember when EFI conversions first started showing up in the musclecar world, and when you saw the laptop connection you knew that you loved carburetors. You probably even remember saying, “I’ll never ever switch to EFI.” That was a long time ago for many of us.

Times have changed, and EFI conversions like the FAST EZ-EFI are not only becoming more affordable, but they’re as simple to install as a carburetor. Just a few electrical connections and some simple questions and you’ve bridged that gap from never ever land to fuel injectionville.

Engines and dynos like these at Westech Performance can get a gearheads heart racing, but mention EFI conversion and some will shy away.

Twenty years ago we knew that if we wanted our carburetor to work efficiently we had to have our engine dyno-tuned, and that itself ran about $300 and up. These days carburetors are ‘ready to run’ right out of the box, but this doesn’t mean that the carburetor is dialed in to your specific engine. That’s the primary reason why we’ve seen RWHP increases with just about every EFI conversion we’ve done: because EFI will make fuel adjustments as you drive, where a carburetor will only perform at its best when you’re in the same place it was dyno-tuned.


Maybe you’re on the fence still, and a little gun shy about making that leap over to EFI because there are some details that you would like to learn first. But, where can you learn a little more about your EFI system? FAST has you covered and offers courses for EFI training that will help you become more acquainted with your FAST EFI conversion, with the first class coming in at just $100.

With a little training, that EFI conversion will be just as interesting as installing a carburetor - but the computer will do all the tuning so you don't have to. The courses are very relaxed and offer a question and answer session to help clear up any confusion.

We picked up a class at Westech Performance in Mira Loma and took some notes from David Page, with FAST, and Steve Brule, at Westech. If you’ve heard about Steve, then you know he’s the local master in Southern California for carburetors and fuel injection. David has been training and tuning EFI systems for years, and he’s always been our go-to guy when we needed to tune one of our FAST XFI fuel injection systems on a project car, like MaxStreet, our 1966 Nova.

They treated us to a couple of dyno pulls to show us how the EFI system works and to play some sweet, high-revving music for our listening pleasure.

The first class - Intro to EFI - covers the basics of the FAST EZ-EFI systems, giving you a little more information about what each setting controls on the handheld, and how to properly set up your basic EFI system. If you’re a little concerned about homework and tests, there aren’t any. You are provided a handout, and the whole class follows along with a screen presentation with David, who is there to answer any questions along the way.

Don't worry - this is just a glimpse of what you can do when you get into the advanced classes. Your EZ-EFI won't require the laptop.

Then there’s the really fun part, where Steve takes the class back to one of the engine rooms and shows everyone what all those numbers mean on a screen. Steve and David explain how the EFI systems function, and tell you what you can expect when you make changes. For those who are already familiar with the EZ-EFI system and are looking for a little more info, this is the perfect opportunity to get you to the next level and start you on your way into more advanced tuning, which is available with higher level classes: Intro to XFI and Advanced XFI.


For those who are just starting to see the light and want to get into EFI conversions, this is the perfect class to cut your teeth and bring you up to speed on the FAST EZ-EFI system. Check out the Fuel, Air, Spark Technology website (FAST) for available EFI conversion systems, and its CPG Nation website for more information about EFI training. It could be the best hundred bucks you spend on your car - and on yourself.

Some cool swag and a Certificate of Completion from FAST? What's not to like?