What if we told you we knew where there was a low-mile, one-owner, Fox Mustang coupe? Now before you get too excited, it does need some work. Still interested? OK, it needs a lot of work. If you’re still hanging on the line, then do we have the car for you. We will even let the finder’s fee slide on this one…

(Photo Credit: TXK Today)

So here she is. What was once reported missing to the Texarkana Texas Police department in September of 1987 has now been recovered out of the depths of Bringle Lake and is ready to head to a restoration shop of your choice. Lucky for you, there are plenty of folks out there specializing in Fox Mustang restoration parts so you should be able to get everything you need to get this cream puff back to Barrett-Jackson shape in no time. And by everything, we mean everything! That’s because you are going to need it all.

Seriously, though, how far would you be willing to go for a low-mileage Fox straight out of 1987? It’s safe to say this one is pretty rusty, and being a four-cylinder, hardly worth much more than scrap price. Just for fun though, what if it were a low-mileage 1993 Cobra or a black-on-black V8, five-speed coupe? Then what? Would you take the project on?

(Photo Credit: Bowie County Dive Team)

Of course, this discovery is a reminder of a sad day for the original owner. This is a stolen vehicle case was reopened by Texarkana Texas Police Department. If anyone reading happens to have any info on this car from years ago, give them a call at (903) 798-3170. Who knows, maybe this pony will be reunited with its original owner? If any more details come up on this water-logged coupe we will be sure and give you an update.