The automotive industry’s most anticipated annual event is just around the corner. Each year the SEMA tradeshow draws more that 60,000 industry insiders to Las Vegas for educational seminars, new product demonstrations, networking, and a host of special events, along with top caliber car builds from the elite builders in the industry. Sadly, this event where so many new products and special car build unveilings, is not open to the general public.{ad:BLOCK}

Only industry insiders have been able to take advantage of the tradeshow secrets held within the halls of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Everyone else was relegated to watching the event coverage on cable television months later or reading about it in magazines well after the event. Some enthusiasts could see grainy photos of the newest products on twitter or other social media sites. Until now.

We were a victim of our own success. -Peter MacGillivray, SEMA Vice President

SEMA has created an event after the event for the general public. The SEMA Ignited after show party is designed to give the public, media, SEMA Show exhibitors, attendees and guests a rare opportunity to mingle in an extravaganza with food, music, celebrities, iconic builder and plenty of displays.

“We’ve struggled trying to wrap our heads around getting the public involved with the SEMA Show,” said Peter MacGillivray, SEMA Vice President. “We have to protect the tradeshow for the industry but we’ve always wanted to include the public in some way. “

As soon as the SEMA tradeshow is over on Friday, November 6, 2015, the SEMA Ignited aftershow party begins. From 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm, everyone is invited to the show after the show. The location is right across the street from the convention center.

According to MacGillivray, the SEMA Ignited party will be set up with three different lifestyle areas that the team is referring to as “villages.” There will be a lifestyle section for hot rod enthusiasts, one section for Sport Compact, and another section for Off-Road. In addition to these three stages, there will be a main stage where the large events like the “Battle of the Builders” event winner will take place.

“There will constantly be something going on at all times,” said MacGillivray. “There will be driving exhibitions and over 50 exhibitors in the villages. It will be much more of a carnival atmosphere this year.”{ad:BLOCK}

Returning will be the prestigious “Battle of the Builders” where an instant legend will be born in front of a world wide audience that evening. “SEMA Ignited was successful beyond our expectations last year,” added MacGillvray. “This year we want to bring back these exciting events like the Battle of the Builders, the burnout competition and other exhibitions to keep people entertained.”

Watch Motorblog of Sweden taking the SEMA Cruise to SEMA Ignited in 2014:

“Last year we were almost too successful and created a traffic jam from the convention center to the event,” said MacGillivray. “We needed to make some operational changes to prevent a two-hour drive to the event. In many ways, we were a victim of our own success.”

In order to go to this industry insider party after the event, you will need to register and get tickets at As a special incentive for our readers, the folks at SEMA have set up a special 30% discount. All you have to do is use the promo code: PowerAutoMedia when you sign up.{ad:BLOCK}