As the National Mustang Racers Association races toward two decades of Blue Oval quarter-mile competition, the sanctioning body is introducing a new class for its milestone campaign. Designed to slot in with classes like Coyote Modified and the increasingly quicker Limited Street class, the new Modified Street class will showcase single-power-adder combos.

“When we released Limited Street last year we received a tremendous amount of feedback,” NMRA general manager Rollie Miller said. “We noticed a lot of trends in rule requests and suggestions, most notably were modifications and rules that are geared towards a quicker and faster type of car than what we were after for Limited Street.” The rule requests didn’t go unnoticed or ignored as the NMRA technical committee began drafting concepts to address trends in the market for a limited power-adder type category that was looser than the new Limited Street class.

Coyote, modular, and 302/351-cube push rod engines are accepted in the new class, but power adders will be regulated and naturally aspirated combos will be rewarded with reduced legal weight.

The NMRA will launch a new racing class for its 2019 season. Next year, racers can compete in the single-power-adder Modified Street class. (Photo Credit: NMRA)

“We’ve taken great care to essentially take Coyote Modified chassis and combination rules, back off the power adders, and include the other Ford engine platforms,” Rollie explained.

On boosted applications, air-to-water intercoolers are allowed, but air-to-air units receive a weight break. And, on the chassis side mini-tubs and relocated rear shocks are allowed. Legal rear tires will be drag radials.

The NMRA reveals the preliminary rules this week in advance of its big Super Bowl clash this weekend in Joliet, Illinois, but the final rules won’t be set for a few months. So, if you have some sage advice for the rules makers, you can reach them at [email protected]

“NMRA is celebrating its 20th race season; the rules process is always a learning experience. We take those experiences, which spans across both sanctioning bodies, and learn from mistakes and recognize successes. All of that has been put into Modified Street,” Rollie added.