We might not be getting a new Fiesta ST in North America, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look longingly across the pond to see what might have been. It was already confirmed that a three-cylinder, 1.5-liter engine would power the forthcoming version, but now we know it packs some new technology to help it launch and corner better.

Drivers need look no further than the all-new Fiesta ST to understand what Ford means when we explain that ST stands for Sports Technologies. — Leo Roeks, Ford

“Hot-hatch drivers are expecting big things from this small car. We’ve applied what we’ve learned from recent Ford Performance models including the Focus RS and Ford GT to develop an all-new Fiesta ST that sets a new standard for driving fun in its segment, with a throaty three-cylinder soundtrack that will speak to petrol-heads whatever their language,” Leo Roeks, Ford Performance director, Europe, enthused.

“Drivers need look no further than the all-new Fiesta ST to understand what Ford means when we explain that ST stands for Sports Technologies,” Leo Roeks, Ford Performance director, Europe, added. “Every performance function of this car has been enhanced with innovation.”

In addition to the Normal, Sport, and Track drive modes, the 2018 Fiesta ST can be optioned with a Launch Control that will help get the car off the line quickly and consistently each time. Also optional is Quaife limited-slip differential that will help put down the potent three-banger’s 197 horsepower and 213 lb-ft of torque down to the pavement.


“Performance car drivers will be familiar with the dreaded ‘one-wheel peel’, where a fast corner exit is hampered by an overload of torque to the inside wheel,” Leo said. “We’ve tuned the all-new Fiesta ST’s mechanical LSD option to work seamlessly with enhanced Torque Vectoring Control to deliver the best possible natural traction without ‘burning away’ excess torque with brake interventions.”

The European 2018 Fiesta ST features new technology and suspension architecture to the hot hatch. Launch control and a limited-slip differential are optional, while new dampers and springs are standard.

In addition to the technology and driveline improvements, the new ST features an updated suspension designed to improve steering feel and turn-in. It features Tenneco twin-tube front dampers and monotube rear dampers based on RC1 valve tech. These are paired with cold-formed, force-vectoring springs to improve lateral stiffness.

2018 Fiesta ST Features

• B&O PLAY audio

• Cylinder deactivation

• Force-vectoring springs

• Lane-keeping aid

• Launch control

• Quaife limited-slip differential

• Selectable Drive Modes: Normal, Sport, and Track

• Three-cylinder, 1.5-litre EcoBoost engine

• Traffic sign recognition

“We went through three times the normal number of suspension iterations to find a setup that delivered the exciting driving experience demanded of an ST model, but also comfort and refinement for everyday driving,” Leo added. “The car’s sophisticated dampers self-adjust to tune out high-frequency road imperfections when there is limited demand for damping – like on the motorway, but adjust again to deliver optimized road-holding performance when driven hard.”

The forthcoming Fiesta ST certainly sounds like a fun car. Even it doesn’t make it over here; hopefully some of these technologies will trickle down to our hot hatches.

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