Boost in any form is fun, but heat-soaked boost is not as much fun. While the factory air-to-air intercooler on the ’15-plus EcoBoost Mustang does a great job of cooling that compressed air driving around town, hauling that coupe around in Sport mode is a different story. As proven by our friends at Honeywell Garrett, the Mustang EcoBoost succumbs to heat-soak rather quickly once flogged around like a rental car.

Fear not, though, as the folks at Garrett developed and released an all-new intercooler upgrade package for the 2015-2017 Mustang EcoBoost. Before we get into the performance of this piece, the quick highlights are that Garrett’s intercooler package (PN 857564-6001) is designed as a direct bolt-on, direct replacement for the factory stuff. It’s rated for more than 600 horsepower, and it’s CARB approved, thus is wears an E.O. number to keep things on the up and up for California folks.

(Photo Credit: Honeywell Garrett)

If you’ve watched the video above, than you’ll already know that the Garrett intercooler is, quite literally, a massive upgrade over the stock unit. It comes in at nearly twice the size of the factory one at nearly double the cubic-inch surface area, and is nearly twice as thick as well (up to 5.3 inches from the factory’s 3.2 inches in comparison.)

Less we forget that one of the most important factors of the Garrett piece is that the end tanks are tig-welded aluminum, too. At the end of the day during its independent testing, Honeywell Garrett was able to achieve more than 22 horsepower and 22 lb-ft of torque at the rear wheels on HPS Performance’s modified EcoBoost Mustang.

We’d say those are solid pretty gains, but we’ll let the results speak for themselves. Check out the full details on this intercooler package right here.