What do you think is the ultimate Mustang? BOSS 429? 1968 Shelby GT-500KR convertible? 1969 Mach I with the 428 Super Cobra Jet? We think most ‘Stang people would say the BOSS, but there’s one that tends to be overlooked. What about this Mustang convertible with a 428 Cobra Jet found over on eBay?

Convertibles are usually considered at the top of the pecking order of any muscle car, yet you never hear Mustang folks say, “I would love to find a Cobra Jet ragtop!” And if it does happen, they’re usually talking about a Shelby. When was the last time you saw a CJ Mustang convertible?

Considering fewer Cobra Jet Mustang convertibles were built than Shelby CJ ragtops, it would stand to reason why these Mustangs often are overlooked:

  • 1968: 34 Mustang GTs versus 518 Shelby GT-500KRs
  • 1969: 122 Mustangs versus 245 Shelby GT-500s
  • 1970: 47 Mustangs versus 90 Shelby GT-500s

For 1970, the last year for the 428 Cobra Jet, there were two versions for the Mustang: The Q-code without air induction, and the R-code with Ford’s famous Shaker ram air system. This car on eBay is one of 9 Q-code convertibles built with an automatic transmission. An additional 5 were built with the 4-speed (and another 33 R-codes). This is one rare car!

And if you look at the Marti Report, you’ll notice it’s loaded with options like air conditioning, power top, console, Style Steel wheels, and Traction-Lok, among others. But what makes this car special, CJ or not, is the interior. Looking at the photos, you’ll notice a natty vermilion vinyl seats.

Glance at the Marti Report and it really came with “Vermillion Spectrum cloth and Corinthian vinyl bucket seats” but if you check out this old brochure, it’s called “Vermilion Blazer stripe.”

We’re assuming the material is practically nonexistent, which may be why it was restored with the full vinyl seats. But this Mustang already has incorrect wheels, air cleaner, and other engine details, so we can only guess it’s been built to be driven.

Out of the 1,134 Mustang convertibles built in Medium Red, only THREE came with this interior. Below is a detailed photo of what it should look like.

The next time you come upon a sedate-looking ’69-’70 Mustang, check out the VIN. If you find a Q or a R in the fifth character, you know you found one of these rare Cobra Jets.

And if it has a boring 302, still glance inside because there still is hope that beater in the local parking lot may be something special.